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Years 1984 - 1996, fourth generation in the Corvettes series

Body is made of injected molding plastics

Electronic dashboard that displays speed and RPM and brakes with aluminum calipers

The very first C4 contained an L83 V8 engine with 4+3 manual transmission delivering an output power of 205 hp and 290 lb-ft torque.

Year 1989, 4-speed manual transmission was used, linked with automatic overdrive on first three gears.

In 1992, ZF 6-speed manual transmission was introduced and same year LT4 engine was placed, delivering an output power of 330 hp.

Different types of Corvette C4

B2K Callaway Twin-Turbo
In 1987, the B2K Callaway Twin-Turbo was launched, considered one of Chevrolet’s most technically advanced and high performance car.

Early cars delivered an output power of 345 hp and 450 lb-ft torque and the next version cars delivered an output power of 345 hp and 450 lb-ft torque.

Calloway Sledgehammer Corvette version, was limited to one car, delivered a record output power of 880 bhp and a record speed of 254.76 mph at the Ohio's Transportation Research Center track. Although this speed was never achieved on regular street and was never officially documented.

ZR1 consisted of an LT5 V8 engine with 32 valves and four overhead camshafts delivered an output power of 375 hp

Modified steering and braking systems and ensured perfect driving control. Set seven international records for its speed at different races.

ZR1 reaches the speed of 60 mph in 4.6 seconds with top speed of 180+ mph.

ZR1 Active Suspension Prototype
In year 1990 includes the active hydraulic suspension specially designed for this car. 25 cars have been manufactured in this model.


Vehicle Type: - 2 door coupe and convertible
Engine: - 5.7 L L83 V8, 5.7 L L98 V8, 5.7 L LT1 V8 and 5.7 L LT4 V8
Transmission: - 4-speed automatic, 4+3 manual and 6-speed Manual
Wheelbase: - 96.2 in
Length: - 4,480 in 1984-1989, 4,540 in 1990-1992 and 4,530 in 1993-1996
Width: - 1,880 mm in 1984-1992 and 1,800 in 1993-1996
Height: - 1,190 mm in 1984-1992, 1,180 mm in 1993-1996
Weight: - 3,239 lb