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  • There is a little yellow "helper light" on the bottom of the rear-view mirror that illuminates the shifter area.
  • You can put your key in the driver's door and turn it twice towards the front to unlock the passenger door and a third time to pop the trunk.
  • All of the option codes are in the glove box.
  • Tire inflation recommended pressures are on the driver's door.
  • The thing that looks like a little LED near the DIC buttons is a light sensor.
  • If you pull the seatbelts all the way out while you're buckled in, they ratchet back in to hold you tighter into the seat.
  • Simply remove fuse #2 under the hood and your DRLs will be out permanently. Only thing affected is that when you unlock at night using the key fob your front turn signal lights and back up lights will not flash. Your front turn signals will operate normally, however.
  • If you have the passive entry feature: If you lock your keys in the car, wait a few minutes and then shake the car. That will unlock the car.
  • You can easily shift the M6 trans up or down without the clutch if you match revs. (Not great for longevity, however.)
  • You can eject the cd from the in-dash player without turning on any power. Don't even need key in the ignition.
  • When the engine is shut off, you can get the odometer reading by turning on the parking lights.
  • To open the car when its locked, the lock mechanism is the same on both sides, so on the driver side it’s toward the front, passenger toward the back.
  • You can pull the compartment tray out of the back and get an even bigger storage bin.
  • The 6 speed transmission shields the oil plug so you can't get a socket on it.
  • The lights above the handles on the door panels can be turned on by pressing in the forward edge (84-89 only).
  • The armrests on 94-96 door panels flip open, and there are map pockets there.
  • When you have a blown fuse, you will hear a buzzing sound when the door is open.
  • We can also open the hatch by pulling on a hidden cable.
  • To change to battery, you have to remove the fender.If you are in a real hurry on the battery, you can remove the wiring to the cruise control unit, remove the three bolts securing the cruise and lift the battery out of the top. Takes about two minutes and you don't have to worry about scratches.
  • If you have the passive entry feature: If you lock your keys in the car, wait a few minutes and then shake the car. That will unlock the car.
  • There's a light that stays on under the rear of the car after you get out of it.
  • There is an “S" power button for the side bolsters on the sport seats.It’s located on the front bottom left of the seat. Opposite on the passenger side.
  •  C4s have turning lamps, when you turn on the blinker, the side lamp illuminates the way you're going, watch when you turn at night.