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C7  Facts and Secrets

MOST  IMPORTANT….  A drained or non-functional battery will not allow the unlock feature to work.  If you are locked in, there is an EMERGENCY DOOR RELEASE LEVER by the driver’s seat on the floor board near the doorsill.  EVERYONE needs to locate if not use it at least once.  EVERYONE riding in your vehicle with you should know about this lever. 

  • Press the remote’s horn button to initiate your vehicle locator.Press the same button for 3 seconds and it will sound the panic alarm.Press the button another 3 seconds and it will turn the alarm off in case you accidentally set the panic alarm on.
  • The manual Paddle Shift System can be used in D (Drive).Press the “+” paddle shifter to return to automatic D (Drive) again.
  • You can temporarily disable Passive Locking by holding the interior switch for 4 seconds (3 chimes)
  • The car will remind you to shut off your turn signal if left on for more than ¾ a mile.
  • Headlamps automatically turn on if using wipers.
  • You can just bump the turn signal (up or down) for it to signal for 3 blinks and off.
  • There is a keyhole above the rear license plate to ut a key to open the hatch if you don’t have your fob nearby or battery dead.
  • Remote Start only lasts 10 minutes but if you repeat the process during the first 10 minutes, you can extend the time to 20 minutes.
  • If Unlock is pressed on the transmitter and the horn chirps 3 times, a previous alarm occurred.
  • Memory Package includes a reverse tilt mirror setting.
  • The window has an express up and down feature.
  • The auto fan maximum speed is adjustable.
  • Remote Start can turn on heated or ventilated seats.
  • The illumination control can turn on the interior lights with a full clockwise turn.Be careful not to accidentally turn this knob or your interior lights may not go off when leaving your vehicle.
  • The rear window defogger turns off after 10 minutes.If turned on again, it runs off after 5 minutes.
  • The Eco Index and Instantaneous Fuel Economy also displays the number of cylinders the vehicle is running on.
  • The C7 uses a capless refueling system.
  • The battery is in the rear of the car, passenger side.
  • There is a storage area behind the NAV screen.
  • The chime volume is adjustable.
  • The radio maximum volume at startup is adjustable.
  • Storage container is in rear driver’s side.
  • When in reverse and the backup camera activates, cannot control the radio on / off or change channels or volume up or down.
  • There is an industry first feature pioneered by the C7 is a cabin pressure relief valve that helps with opening and closing the rear hatch.The rectangular element located just below the hatch door.When you open the hatch, air current is sent to a wire that causes the cabin pressure relief valve to contract and open its vents.When you clos the hatch dorr, the air current is removed and the Venetian blind-like louvers close more silently than a puny electric motor doing the same thing.
  • Infotainment Icons can be rearranged(Press and hold)
  • Media supports two connected devices with 100,000 songs.
  • The cup holder divider is removable by a pinch and pull method.
  • Tire temperatures can be displayed.
  • You can make changes to the Navi while moving ONLY if you have a passenger.
  • Using paddle shifters in an automatic, negates cylinder deactivation.
  • The radio can record 25 minutes of live radio for playback.(Timeshifting)
  • The sun visor can be extended along the rod.
  • Screen up/down button does not work when the shifter is in reverse.
  • When you back up, the speedometer tells you how fast you are going in reverse.
  • Hold the radio off / on button in for 2 seconds or more and an analog clock with date will appear on the Nav screen.
  • The Corvette has a transport mode.To remove, turn ON the four way flasher and place the driver’s foot on the brake.(AND on the clutch if manual)Press and hold the Start button for approximately 15 seconds.At this point the engine will START, but CONTINUE to hold the start button for at least 15 seconds.Information will display on the center of the cluster that will indicate when transport mode has been turned OFF.Transport mode can be entered using the same procedure.Also reduces the load on the battery when not in use.
  • Instrument Cluster – DIC cluster application selection represented by a white marker to the left and right of the item displayed.As you scroll through the carious application pages, you’ll see the white markers move up and down, representing the app location within the list.
  • “Favorites” can be used to save more than radio presets.For example, you can save Nav destinations (like HOME), contacts, tone settings, artists, songs, etc.
  • Black “dots” on rear window are actually C7 emblems.
  • The Emergency Parking Brake (EPBG) will automatically release if the vehicle is running, placed into gear, and an attempt is made to drive away.
  • If the Infotainment System has been turned on after the ignition is turned off, the system will turn off automatically after 10 minutes.
  • If the Auto Memory Recall is set to “At Ignition” and the Easy Exit Option is “On”, when you start the engine and do NOT press the brake pedal, the seat, steering wheel and mirrors will adjust to the setting 1 or 2 then you can press the brake pedal to start the engine.This is a great feature for shorter folks.
  • Pressing the Intrusion & Inclination Sensors Disable switch, to the right of the Hatch Release button, will allow a passenger left in the car to not set off the alarm and deal with locked doors.Same goes for a pet.
  • Pressing the Call hang-up button on the steering wheel will mute/unmute the radio also.
  • Press the “Power” + “Home” + “ Menu” buttons(HMI) will display the software versions page.
  • For first 500 miles, even the base C7 Corvette rev gauge will display a yellow bar between 3500 and 4500 rpm.During the engine break-in period, please try to shift between those guides and ignore the 6.2 liter LT1 V8 engine’s 6500 rpm redline if you want a trouble-free Corvette with a manual.
  • The C7 has something similar to a DVR, more specifically a Pause Live Radio feature.Thanks to the hard drive buffer, you can catch up with that radio show you’ve paused while taking a phone call by pressing the rewind button.Nifty feature most do not know about.
  • Hold down the accessory button for 10 seconds without touching brake (or clutch) you will power on the entire system of the car including the heads up display (HUD).
  • Open up the rear hatch of the C7 coupe and look at the car from the font center to the back, the car really resembles a STINGRAY.


Problems to be aware of:

If you hear a rattling sound in the torque tube, replace it because it’s most likely bent. 

If there is a creaking sound coming from the dash pads when driving over uneven ground, don’t panic.  BUT if the creaking is heard when driving on a smooth road, prepare for a visit to the dealership.  The satellite navigation system goes haywire from time to time, a condition that can be treated by doing a reset. 

If you hear a rubbing noise when your wheel is turned all the way one side or the other, this is normal.  There is no damage at a slow rate of speed for a short distance.  All do that.

ALSO…. If you have a Grand Sport or Z06, the wheels are known to bend and eventually crack.  Especially the back 20” wheels on the inside.  It does not matter how many miles you have on it or if you hit a hole or not, it is a faulty wheel that is too weak for the car and GM knows it.  If you have the tire/wheel warranty, it is covered for replacement ONLY if it is losing air.  If it is bent and cannot be balanced, the warranty will cover having the wheel repaired to its round state.  If you think your tires begin driving like your wheels are out of balance, your rims are probably bent.   Ross Downing Chevrolet has a very reputable company in New Orleans that they send them to be repaired if that needs to be done.

Karen Bedell