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Jungle Roar Newsletter for June 2017

Published on 5/31/2017

Summer photo


Jungle Roar

Welcome to Summer


As the song goes “School’s Out for Summer!” so let’s be mindful of the kids and watch out for them as they play around parks, neighborhoods and yes in streets.


On June 30, 1953 the birth of the corvette took place.  This year we are celebrating 64 years young.  Since then we have seen many changes to body styles engines, ride, colors and more modifications than we can possibly imagine.  It is America’s leading sports car and I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say how proud and lucky we are to be a part of this time honored automobile!


Also, each year at the latter part of June one day is set aside as a “Drive your corvette to work” day.  This year it happens to fall on June 30th, the same day as the birth of the first corvette in Flint, Michigan.  (The factory was later moved to where it remains today in Bowling Green, Kentucky).  So let’s drive them to work and celebrate our proud ownership of these babies!  If you’re retired, get out and drive your car for those still working to see how us Ole Guys & Gals do it!


Our club dinner at Charlie’s Restaurant was another huge success.  Plenty of take-out boxes were seen leaving in everyone’s hands.  Thank you Charlie, Marla, CC and staff for all you do each year to make our day so enjoyable.  You all are so accommodating and friendly and we look forward to seeing you each year at this annual event.


The First Baptist Church of Springfield is having a “Garage Cars” theme at their Vacation Bible School this year and are asking for a few cars to come out (1 or 2) during the week of June 5-9 and a group to gather for their congregation to view on the 11th for commencement at 10:30 A.M.  If you can make one of the days or Sunday please let me know ASAP.


“Back The Blue” is having another display on June 25th beginning at 9:00 A.M., Lamar Dixon in Gonzales.  Admission to show your car is FREE.  Let’s see if we can get a good representation from our club to show our support for our men & women in blue and for those who have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty!


I would like to welcome aboard our newest committee chairman, Durwood Keller.  Durwood has graciously agreed (after much pleading from me) to chair our membership program.  He will be your “Go To” person on all inquiries regarding your membership listings, changes, etc.  Thank you Durwood for alleviating me of this task.


On July 14-15, several members are planning on attending the Jackson, Mississippi indoor car show.  Maria will have hotel reservations available for those who’d like to reserve a room at the host hotel.  We leave on Friday, put our cars in the colosseum, catch the hotel shuttle, check in and what else?, you got it, plan supper.  Later we return to the hotel for some social time which always proves to be fun and very interesting.


This year is an election year for BRCC officers and board.  If any member thinks they may be interested in running for a seat and meets the required qualifications, please give me a call.


Finally, don’t forget to “Save the Wave” it’s the PROUD thing to do!


Jungle Jim McLin