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Jungle Roar Newsletter for July 2017

Published on 6/27/2017


Jungle Roar

Happy Independence Day

As we “explode” into July, remember to keep safe for the Fourth weekend and always.

Several shows, trips and last minute cruises (LMC) are coming up.  Let’s get back in the spirit of what this club is all about: having fun, and lots of it with other corvette enthusiasts!!!  I have met so many wonderful people over the years by just simply participating in shows, cruise nights, and what else, eating out and driving around in my vette.  If there is somewhere you’d like to go or if you’d like to put a day cruise together or a trip, please don’t hesitate to call Daryle Gauthier the Vice President who happens to be in charge of securing these events.  If Daryle is not available at the time of your call, leave him a message or don’t hesitate to get in touch with me or any other officer or board member.  We WANT to hear your ideas!!! 

Back the Blue #2 will be held on Sunday, July 16th at Lamar Dixon, let’s get out and show our support for the men and women in blue!

To update you on Michael Leeds, a member of the New Orleans Clubs, former BRCC member and a great corvette lover, Mike is now resting and recovering OUT of ICU.  Please keep your prayers coming for him and his family.

Don’t forget his year is an election year.  If anyone would like to run for office or the board please check the by-laws for qualifications and advise me of your intent as soon as possible.

With the closing of the Corvette factory to the public for the next 18 months, there is much speculation as to what’s going on behind closed doors.  Is it paint color surprises? Mid-engine redesign: drastic body style change? Boost in horsepower or many more secrets?   What do you think?  Some of the above?  All of the above? I’m sure it’s safe to say “NONE” of the above would NOT be an option.  See how many you get right?  I guess for now all we can do is wait out the next year and a half for the big reveal.

Finally, don’t forget to Save the Wave, it’s the proud thing to do.

Happy 4th of July

Jungle Jim McLin