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Jungle Roar Monthly Newsletter February 2018

Published on 2/2/2018


Jungle Roar



Several important announcements to begin my Jungle Roar this month.  Our General Membership Meeting has been changed to Wednesday, February 21st.  Same times and location.  Our regular day happened to fall on Valentine’s Day so we moved it back a week for you to take your lovely ladies out to dinner.  David and Karen – Happy Anniversary to you on the 14th.


On a much sadder note, David Bedell’s brother, and of course Karen’s brother in law, Kerry, passed away unexpectedly Monday night, January 29th.  Our deepest sympathy goes out to the entire Bedell family.  We know Kerry will be greatly missed.


Also, Virginia Huffman lost a sister since our last meeting, and on New Year’s Eve Beverly Bensen lost her older brother and my wife Maria lost an aunt from Cincinnati.  Heartfelt condolences to each of you.  So much sadness members, please pray for all of our corvette families.


Rich Veillette is recovering from two back surgeries and doing well.  Great news Rich and Ronnie.  Also, Ray Spruell is in Houston having treatments for his illness, as mentioned at the last meeting.  Many prayers are coming your way Ray for a speedy and uneventful recovery.  Hope to see you & Pete back with us very soon.


If you have not sent in your membership dues, please take care of that as soon as possible.  Also, because of the extra week for the meeting, you now can pay up to the 21st of February before being considered delinquent.  We look forward to each and every one of your renewals.


St. Jude Ticket Sales are well underway.  Barry Duplessis, Raffle Ticket Chairman, asks that you help whenever possible as our raffle ticket sales bring in quite a large amount of money for our charity. 


With so many activities just around the corner, Karen does an excellent job in making all of the necessary additions and changes to our Calendar of Events.  Please take advantage of her time and dedication to you, the members, in keeping us well informed by referring often to this site.


Mardi Gras Season is well under way.  We are scheduled to drive in quite a few parades.  This Saturday, Feb. 3rd is the Krewe of Orion in Baton Rouge.  It is an open ride for anyone interested in participating.  Bring your, beads, candy, stuffed animals or just yourselves.  It’s up to you.  We will meet at T.J. Ribs on Acadian for 5:15 P.M. and leave by police escort for 5:30.  Parade begins at 6:30 and of course we will grab a bite to eat immediately following the parade.  No RSVP required, just be on time to get in with the caravan.  We already have quite a few members signed up to ride, won’t you be one of them, too?  Also, Ollie Steel Manor (Nursing home/rehab center) is asking that we have a few cars come out for their little parade on Monday, Feb. 12th for 3 P.M. line-up in the rear of the facility.


Finally, I leave all of you gentlemen of the club with this:


Corvettes are Red

Sometimes they’re Blue,

Others are colors

That please me and YOU!


So whatever the color,

Make and model too,

Cruise with your best girl

For Valentines,


It’s the PROUD

Thing to do!


Save the Wave and Happy Mardi Gras!

Jungle Jim McLin