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Jungle Roar Newsletter for March 2018

Published on 3/5/2018

Jungle Roar



Our St. Jude Car Show is next month on April 21st.  Lots going on surrounding preparations, ticket sales each weekend and collecting items for goody bags, live and silent auction, country store and sweets table.  Don’t forget to sign up and work in one of our many locations.  This show is only as successful as the people who make themselves available to help.  Please get with Michael Segura if you don’t have a spot.  He’ll be happy to have each and every one of you placed in a position to work.


Several new shows etc., have been posted by Karen on our website and through e-mails.  If you feel you are not receiving the information that others have mentioned, it is important that you check your listing.  This is why we ask each member to submit a new application each year, update your Members Listing on our website and advise us of your changes.  You’d be surprised at how many addresses, e-mails, phone numbers and car changes are made without our being made aware.  Also, if you have any ideas or suggestions you’d care to see implemented or mentioned at our monthly meetings please don’t hesitate to bring it to my attention or that of one of our officers or board members.


The Annual BRCC Crawfish Boil is BACK!  Maria and I are excited to have each of you come out to our newly renovated home, after the flood and fire saw fit to have us remodel.  The date is April 28th, 11:00 A.M. ‘til.  Please bring a covered dish.  The club will supply the Mud Bugs, chicken for those unable to eat these wonderful crustaceans and water/soft drinks.  BYOL, however if too inebriated you will not be allowed to drive off property until sober lol.  As always our neighbors look forward to seeing all of the beautiful cars.  They ask Maria and me when we’re having our next car show whenever they meet us around town.  This is the weekend immediately following our St. Jude show.  We figured everyone will be ready to relax by then.  Please wear your club shirts.  This helps our new members get to know everyone and us them.  As always this is a MEMBERS ONLY event!


Don’t forget daylight savings time is next weekend March 11th.  Please “SPRING” forward by one hour.  This gives us extra day light to take our cars out and enjoy cruising around.  If anyone wishes to plan a last minute cruise (LMC) please don’t hesitate to call Daryle Gauthier our V.P. and check availability!


We have quite a few members and their families who are very ill.  Please remember them in your prayers!  For those enjoying life’s pleasures for now let’s give thanks!


As always, don’t forget to Save the Wave!  It’s the PROUD thing to do!  And may the luck of the Irish smile down upon each and every one of you!


Jungle Jim McLin