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Jungle Roar Newsletter for June 2018

Published on 6/7/2018


Jungle Roar

“Unsung Heroes”


This message will be a little different than any others I’ve ever written.  Quite often we talk about our club being like one big family.  Well we are!  Just like in any family we, at times, disagree, cry, laugh and love one another.  We understand, respect and most importantly are there for one another no matter where, no matter when. 


We are made up of very unique and very different personalities, but when in need, we rally around our “corvette family” and never abandon them.  Below are a few examples of what I’m talking about.


Most recently Karen had trouble with a tire splitting and was stranded in Alexandria  on the way back from the Ft. Worth Lone Star Show.  Larry Barrios stayed with Karen and David until they were safely on the road.  I know any one of us would have come to their rescue if necessary.


Steve Jones experienced a problem with his run flats.  Daryle, Karen and Larry all pulled over and stayed with him and were able to plug the tire (Daryle) and the gang followed him safely back to Denham Springs.


On another trip a few years ago Maria and I had our car shut down in Hoover, Alabama.  Leon and Flo stayed with us until we rented a car the next day to continue our trip.  They followed us back and stayed until the following day when our son drove up to tow us home.  The very next morning Jimmy & Ricky went back to Birmingham to pick up Karen and David and bring Karen’s car home from mishaps on the highway due to debris in the road (saving others from damaging their car).  Way to go Karen!  (This was the same flatbed that brought ours home the day before). 


Many, many years ago we were traveling in a caravan to Bowling Green when all of a sudden we missed Charlie & Sue and Larry.  We all pulled over and waited, but to no avail.  They were nowhere to be found!  Finally the rest of the group went on and Maria and I waited alongside the interstate until they caught up again.


There have been times when we’ve come to one another’s assistance even on a local level.  A battery, electrical problems, lights, engines, etc.  We’ve supported one another by being a shoulder to lean on or to cry on, to rejoice and celebrate with one another.  I think this is the time when I’m the most proud to be a part of this family. 


Our unsung heroes as I’m calling them, are each and every one of you.  Sometimes it’s a simple phone call, a text message, a card, food brought over, drive someone when needed, sit and visit or simply smile and say I know and our prayers are with you.  Some things members do for others we may never know. 


Believe me, you have no idea how much your acts of kindness mean to someone unless you’ve been there and are the recipient of such generosity. 


Pat yourselves on the back, BRCC Members, you really are the BEST!!!


In closing, I would like to offer our deepest sympathy to the Jones family on the passing of Wendi Jones after a very long battle with cancer.  She will truly be missed by all whose lives she’s touched.


Also, Ted Thibodeaux’s father Geno passed away recently.  He was 88 years young and in very frail health to which he succumbed.  Our heartfelt condolences to you Ted.


Jungle Jim McLin

Proud President