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Monthly Newsletter for April 2019

Published on 5/2/2019

May Jungle Roar

Happy Mother’s Day



A huge pat on the back is in order for all those who have contributed in some way to the success of our 2019 St. Jude Car Show!  Please mark your calendars for next years 2020 show, April 25th.


The numbers are in and despite the threat of bad weather, we proved, yet again, that the BRCC Members, Plaquemine Main Street Program, Sponsors and Participants were 100% behind this Labor of Love in an effort to fight until NO CHILD dies of cancer!


As we settle back into our “club mode” of shows, displays and LMC’s, please keep in your prayers those members who are battling health issues.


With all of the activities planned for the next few months, refer often to our Calendar of Events.  Also, LMC’s will be popping up from time to time so watch for those e-mails as well.  Now’s the perfect season to get out and drive those beauties. 


If I may, I would like to take the liberty to share a short story.   Maria and I ran into trouble with a tire on our recent trip leaving the Hot Springs Car Show for the second leg of our journey, headed to The Lodge at Mount Magazine, Arkansas.  In usual fashion, our “Corvette Family” traveling with us, never left our side for a moment.  Imagine how frightened you are on Easter Sunday with everything closed except for one little gas station/food mart/restaurant in a small rural area with nothing for miles around you. Now imagine the contentment of knowing you truly are NEVER alone with this wonderful group of people by your side. Thank you Karen & David; Elaine & Freddie; Daryle & Donna and Maria’s ride Larry Barrios!  Yes, she rode with Larry when they left me at the dealership until I could be picked up (I rode w/tow truck driver).  Steve, Maria said she’ll take Larry’s driving any day.  We laughed because we knew the winding turns on the mountain sides would NEVER have happened with you!  She said she would have had to take “Knock Out” drops to slip into a coma just after calling her family to tell them she love them!  LOL! As they arrived at The Lodge, Karen & David unpacked their car and Karen immediately turned back around to retrieve me from my lonely, desolate bench outside of the dealership and bring me and our luggage back.  She went a total of approx. 135 miles that afternoon.  Sure glad she like curves and turns.  The next day while everyone went on the Pig Trail, Elaine and Maria stayed back at the lodge while Freddie spent the next 6 hours with me waiting for a tire.  An experience you say!  Yes indeed.  Scary you say!  Yes indeed.  A feeling of abandon you say!  Maria and I say NEVER!  Thanks Corvette Family for making an unpleasant experience more bearable!  We love each and every one of you! 


In closing, don’t forget to “Save the Wave!”  It’s the PROUD thing to do!  And a very special Happy Mother’s Day to all our moms, sisters, grandmothers, aunts and godmothers.  Hope your day is as special as each of you!


Jim McLin,