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Monthly Newsletter for September 2020

Jim McLin | Published on 9/1/2020


Jungle Roar


Well members, August certainly has left us with a lot to be desired, yet thankful for as well.


We’ve seen our children/grandchildren, in an attempt for normalcy, go back to school.


We’ve seen far too many people infected with the Covid-19 virus.


We’ve seen our friends in Louisiana, Texas and surrounding states effected by the wrath of Hurricane Laura. Although thankful that we were spared, offer our prayers to each of them during their recovery process.


We’ve seen (and continue to see) our country in turmoil and pray this comes to an end soon.


We’ve seen our members struggle with personal illnesses and losses and our most fervent wish is they have the strength to endure during those trying times and know that we are here for them if and when needed.


We’ve seen a lot in recent months.  We’ve labored through trials and tribulations, and have come to the realization that friendship and support from not only our personal family and friends, but our BRCC Family means so much more than words can possibly express. Each and every one of you touches lives in so many special ways.  I’m sure I speak for all when I say just how much we mean to one another. 


At this time I would like to express our Deepest Sympathy to Mark & Mary Jurey and the entire Jurey Family on the passing of Mark’s brother.  Our thoughts and prayers are with each of you.


We have had several last minute cruises (LMC’s).  Those in attendance have had a great time.  If you have not been able to join us, we hope you can make one very soon.


We have been working on a possible club meeting/social.  As soon as all particulars have been made we’ll pass them along by e-mail.  There will be other points of interest for the upcoming months as well.    Please read carefully all e-mails as some will contain private club members only information.  Also, be cognizant of the fact that all pertinent general information is posted and updated daily on our website. 


In closing:  Remember to Save the Wave!  It’s the Proud thing to do!  Be safe and God Bless!


Jungle Jim McLin

BRCC President