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Monthly Newsletter January 2021

Jim McLin | Published on 1/7/2021

January 2021

Happy New Year


I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays as safely as possible.  It is my greatest wish that our country and the world soon return to a normal healthy environment.  It seems with the availability of the new vaccine we may be on our way.


A few reminders:  Dues for 2021 are up for renewal.  Please mail them, along with a new membership renewal application, available on the website, to:  BRCC, P.O. Box 806, St. Amant, LA 70774 (payable of course to BRCC).  Memberships are considered delinquent as of February 28, 2021, at which time you will be dropped from the roster.  A large number of you renewed at the Christmas Party.  Thank you!


A wonderful time was enjoyed by all in attendance at our annual Christmas Party.  Quite a number of members showed up in Whimsical Sweaters.  We were excited to see those participating and their outfits.  Unbenowned to our members, the wait staff was asked to select winners in several categories.  Congratulations to following Whimsical Winners:


Over the Top (Blinged Out) – Elaine Peck

Unattractive (Ugly sweater not person) – Larry Barrios

Most Lit (Again Sweater not person) – Ashli Giaconne

The Mask (not connected to the Jim Carrey Movie) – Vanessa Massey


For members receiving e-mail through Eatel, you may want to refresh your spam file as all of our members with them are discovering they did NOT received Karen’s information regarding our Valentine Day Cruise as it went straight to SPAM.  We have corrected ours and it seems to have done the trick.  This same occurrence happened about two years ago with Eatel and can be fixed. 


We are still looking for & hoping to find a facility large enough to provide safe distancing to hold a general meeting.  If you have any suggestions, contact me.  Until then, please keep up on all current events and information provided by e-mails and on our website calendar.

The annual Jambalaya Cook Out for Ross Downing will be coming up sometime in January.  Daryle Gauthier will chair this again and advise as soon as a date has been set. 


As mentioned above, a Valentine Day Cruise is planned for February 14th to Frenier Landing.  Due to Middendorf’s inability to host 4 clubs, we will be venturing out on our own.  The information has been sent in an e-mail and will be reposted again.  Space is at a premium and we can accommodate CLUB MEMBERS ONLY!  No outside guests.  It is imperative that you RSVP to Karen as per her request by e-mail or text messaging. 


Our Annual St. Jude Car Show set for May 1st is still up in the air.  We are presently going ahead with plans, securing sponsorships and contributions and ticket sales.  Final decision on hosting the show along with the Plaquemine Main Street Program will depend, of course, on what is happening with regard to the Covid-19 Virus.  As information becomes available we will certainly update you. 


Please remember our BRCC Family members who are ill or who have lost loved ones this past year.  We pray for your strength in these trying times.


On a brighter note, we have a few new C8’s in our club.  Congratulations to all of you, and remember, when out driving in your vettes don’t forget to Save the Wave, it’s the PROUD thing to do!


Finally, Maria and I would like to extend the following greeting!


We wish you a home filled

With joy, love and laughter

This coming year and

May we ALL share in a

Very Happy and Healthy New Year!


Jungle Jim McLin

BRCC President